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105″ (8′ 09″) wide by 50″ (4′ 02″) tall [$179]  -or-  128″ (10′ 08″) wide by 60″ (5′ 00″) tall [$249]


78″ (6′ 06″) wide by 50″ (4′ 02″) tall [$119]“>  -or-  95″ (7′ 11″) wide by 60″ (5′ 00″) tall [$179]



U.S. IFR/VFR Enroute Low Altitude Wall Planning Chart is designed for preflight and enroute flight planning for IFR/VFR flights. The chart contains insets for the east coast from Washington, D.C. to Boston and on the west coast, the Los Angeles/San Diego area. Information includes the depiction of low altitude LF/MF and VHF airways and mileages, navigational facilities, airports, special use airspace areas, cities, time zones, major drainage, a directory of airports with their airspace classification and a mileage table showing great circle distances between major airports. Revised annually.

The published version of this map is too small to comfortably read, so we’ve made it available in two enlarged versions that make the small type a little easier to read. The front and back sides of the published chart have been digitally combined to create a beautiful wall map ideal for flight planning anywhere in the Continental U.S. Two versions cover the entire contiguous U.S.:

Standard (which includes everything found on the published map) or a

Compact version (without the Mileage Table, Airspace Data Tables, and East Coast Inset Map.)


Several options are available on all Higher Plane wall maps, helping you to create a unique map based on your individual needs.

Additional costs are reflected for each option.  A choice must be selected on all option drop-down lists, even if the selection is “None”.  Once the final option is selected, the total cost will appear, along with the “Add To Cart” button.  To change a previously selected option, first select “Choose an option…” and then re-enter your choice.  When user specific information is required (i.e. map coverage, mileage circle origin, etc.), please enter this information in the “Order Notes” box in the right column of the Checkout Screen.

These Product Description Tabs are always available for reference.  We offer free shipping on all orders and sales tax (6%) only applies to orders delivered in Florida.


This Planning Wall Map is available in two configurations and two sizes each.  (See the DETAILS Tab above for specific information.)  The content and details contained in the two sizes DO NOT change.  Bigger sizes are simply enlarged versions of the same map.  These scaled-up versions are easier to read, without compromising resolution.  All U.S. IFR/VFR Planning Wall Maps are in landscape orientation (width greater than height).


A) 105” x 50″ (8′ 09″ x 4′ 02″)… 133% Published Scale.

B) 128″ x 60″ (10′ 08″ x 5′ 00″)… 162% Published Scale.


C) 78″ x 50″ (6′ 06″ x 4′ 02″)… 133% Published Scale.

D) 95″ x 60″ (7′ 11″ x 5′ 00″)… 162% Published Scale.

Click on the MAP SCALES Tab below for more details.


Laminated Paper is the choice for 70 to 80% of our clients.  It provides adequate durability and allows use of a dry-erase marker.  It is also the most economically priced.  (Basis Weight: 35#, Thickness: 6.4 mil.)

A second choice is Heavy-Duty Canvas.  This is our most durable choice.  It is much thicker, not quite as bright white, and has a more “artistic” look and feel (105#, 18 mil). Heavy-Duty Canvas can be provided with or without lamination.

When selected, lamination is added to both the front and back of each wall map.  Print resolution does not vary between media types and is very clear on every choice.


All U.S. IFR/VFR Wall Planning Maps are in Landscape orientation. This means that the width is greater than the height.


Choose from two different map scales. Each option contains the same detail. The base map is merely enlarged, making it easier to read and more impressive.

A) [Standard] or C) [Companct]; 133%… Scale: 1:2,550,000 or 1″ = 35.0 nautical miles.

B) [Standard] or D) [Companct]; 162%… Scale: 1:2,100,000 or 1″ = 28.8 nautical miles.


Mileage Circles can be added to any title for an additional $49.  These circles are transparent and will radiate from a location of your choice.  If you choose this option, please enter your custom origin location in the “Order Notes” Box in the right column of the Checkout Screen.  They can depict either statute or nautical miles at optional frequencies (quantities) and colors.   (See the next two tabs below.)

NOTE:  A choice must be selected on all option drop-down lists.  Even when selecting “None”, all three Mileage Circle choices must be set to “None”.  To change a previously selected option, first select “Choose an option…” and then make your new choice.


We have offered several choices for the frequency (quantity) of Mileage Circles.  More frequent circles increase the accuracy of distance estimates, but become more prominent.  Solid circles are labeled with mileage values and dashed lines (between the solid lines) are not labeled.  You may also set the Mileage Circles at distances of your choice.  Custom requests are entered in the “Order Notes” box in the right column of the Checkout Screen.

For a visual reference CLICK HERE


Choose from three different Mileage Circles colors.  These three colors offer varying levels of prominence and legibility.

ORANGE:  Prominence = Medium,  Legibility = Medium

GRAY:  Prominence = High,  Legibility = High

YELLOW:  Prominence = Low,  Legibility = Medium

For a visual reference CLICK HERE


Higher Plane specializes in custom projects.  We take pride in creating a variety of unique wall maps based on your specific needs.  Simply complete the form below, we’ll evaluate your request, and provide a no-obligation quote.

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